The Ecumenical Movement

The Ecumenical Movement

The Ecumenical Movement has arrived.  This movement was inspired by Satan to gather all of the world's religions together under the umbrella of the Pope and Roman Catholicism.  Those who doubted the Book of Revelation have, once again, been proven wrong.  Even some so-called Fundamental or Fundamentalist Baptists have decided to join in with this movement.

Perhaps you are wondering what this "Ecumenical Movement" is?  The Apostle John was quite amazed when he saw a vision of the Great Whore in Chapter 17 of Revelation.  John was told that this Whore was a city, the city of Seven Mountains.  Those who know geography, quickly recognize that this is the city of Rome.  Rome is where the Vatican is.  Rome is the seat of the Great Whore of Revelation.

Many these days hope for change, and seek to join up with the Great Whore and commit spiritual fornication with this Great Roman Catholic Whore.  In today's apostasy, it is often thought to be "cool" or "in" for preachers to fornicate with this woman of ill-repute.  Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Bill Gaither, and others are on the forefront of this Ecumenical Movement, leading the drum beat back to Rome.

Bapticatholics and Pseudo-fundamentalists like the late Jerry Falwell are also leading the way back to Rome.  Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham are strongly pushing for Christians to join in spiritual fornication with this Great Whore.

Even movies such as the anti-Semitic Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" are helping Satan to promote the Whore.  Yes, it does seem like most of Christendom is moving back toward Rome.  Do indeed "All Roads Lead to Rome"?

In Revelation, Jesus commanded Christians to "come out" from the Ecumenical Movement.  If you are a Christian, then you must obey Jesus and the Bible and "come out" from the Great Roman Catholic Whore.  To disobey and refuse to come out from her is to disobey a direct command of Christ Himself.

If you are lost and have fallen into the Ecumenical Movement Sin, then you need to repent from committing fornication with the Great Whore, and trust Jesus to save you from your sin.  Jesus can save you from any sin.  The blood of Jesus covers sin!

Resist EvilSay no to such sin.  Trust Jesus.  Do it today.  Then get into a good Fundamentalist Baptist church.  Don't put it off.  Get ready for Eternity.  Live for Jesus.  Jesus is coming back again very soon.